Definition Of Oomph

1. An extra push. An ingredient or a factor that will make something better or perfect.
2. Ability to jump or move in great heights.
3. Power, strength, or energetic activity.

I personally give Oomph Consulting Group a lot of credit for helping our company grow our revenue over 300% from 2011-2014. Their prescient advice allowed us to take proper planning steps in advance and grow our business with relatively few hiccups.
CEO – Mid Size Direct Sales Company

Our Oomph Consultant is excellent at using examples, anecdotes and visual learning tools in teaching. Many people in our company have commented that lessons they have learned from her have stuck with them and have had a lasting impact because of the way she taught it.
CEO – Mid Size Marketing Firm

Our Oomph Consultant is meticulous, patient and diligent when solving problems and I often turn to her when brainstorming solutions of my own. I appreciate that every conversation with her as it is time well spent; be it business or personal. Her work is always reliable as is her demeanor.
CEO – Digital Imaging Firm

Contagious enthusiasm, superior business savvy - coupled with a knack for solving difficult problems, Our Oomph Consultant is as strong of a team player as she is a leader. Any company would benefit from her endless energy and positive motivation. Leader, educator and motivator all come to mind when describing her.
Fortune 50 Corporate Executive

Our Oomph Consultant was integral to us getting recognized for best in class performance across the region. They designed a strategy for lead list management that focused on driving sales per agent averages and then helped us implement the process with exceptional execution.That strategy then became an adopted practice across our business.
Fortune 50 Telecom Corporate Executive

Our Story

We team with our clients to help craft customized solutions for each challenge the company is facing.

What are we all about?

At Oomph Consulting Group, our experienced team members partner with client leadership across multiple industries to clarify problems, identify options and implement solutions to their leadership, sales, recruiting, organizational and business challenges. We team with our clients to help craft customized solutions for each challenge the company is facing.

While we excel in consulting, we also help our clients focus on market launches, new consumer acquisition and consumer retention. We work with our clients to develop unique marketing strategies that focus on long term relationships through direct marketing, utilizing face-to-face contact. This enables our client base to deliver customer-specific presentations that enhance customer satisfaction while increasing their customer base. With a focus on each individual customer and our strength in creating relationships, we can help our client achieve a success rate that is unmatched by other marketing and advertising strategies.

Our Services

At Oomph Consulting Group, our experienced team members partner with client leadership across multiple industries to clarify problems, identify options and implement solutions to their leadership, sales, recruiting, organizational and business challenges.

Leadership Development

Our Maxwell Certified coaches compel corporate leaders and consumers to inspire, challenge



One of the most critical decisions a company can make is regarding talent acquisition, bet


Success Strategy

Business success doesn’t happen by accident, it requires careful, thoughtful planning. S


Value Marketing & Optimization

For many calculable businesses, implementing a well thought



Empower individuals and be a force for good in the world.

Empowering others is one of the most important acts of kindness you can do for your fellow man. Every nod, every smile, every interaction can completely change the course of someone else's day. Be a teacher, not a teller.

Deliver WOW's thru Amazing service. Every client. Everytime. No exceptions. No excuses.

People first, profits will follow. Clients don't care how much you know until they know how much you care. A great company is built one client at a time. If you AMAZE every client every chance you get, then they are satisfied and so are you.

Generate fun and be a little quirky.

Laugh out loud and encourage everyone to have some fun. Well-placed humor stimulates creativity. The fact is, the right brain works best when freed up, especially during times of play.

Learn, educate, innovate, execute.

Work to maintain a student mentality. Having a student mentality is not something that you can master, this is because there is ALWAYS something new to learn. There are always going to be different ways to do things, to reach or teach others.

Be adventurous, creative and open minded.

Live in a culture of YES. This doesn't mean that every idea with get a high five. It means that we will be open minded and will respond to all curiosity with a mindset of YES first. Saying NO is always easier, but the status quo is not who we are.

The inches we need are all around us.

If a company does one big thing better than their competition, it becomes fairly easy for their competition to level the playing field; they can just imitate that one big thing. But, if a company does hundreds of little things better than anyone else,

Our Blog

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By Oomph Consulting Group | November 1, 2019

When it comes to running a successful business, implementing a recruiting strategy that helps you hire the right candidates and creating a strong company culture are two of the most critical factors attributed to long-term success.   By Andrea Burkholder It’s not a secret, building a strong team can be difficult.  A low unemployment rate…

Merchant Services 101: Credit Card Processing For Businesses

By Oomph Consulting Group | January 23, 2019

It’s the question Businesses ask themselves repeatedly.  What are merchant Services, why does it cost so much and why do I need it?  by Linda Heuer Photo by TheDigitalWay on Pixabay Merchant services is effectively the industry for accepting credit and debit cards and can be difficult to effectively navigate, especially when you first enter…

New Years Resolutions

Excellent Advice For Achieving Your New Years Resolution

By Oomph Consulting Group | December 28, 2018

With every New Year Resolution comes new opportunities.  New chances to take a new lease on life, to focus on you, your business, your family, or whatever is most important to you. The excitement of a new beginning stems from my childhood and the excitement the strike of midnight brought with it.  One year gone,…

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